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UAL Awarding Body – Level 3 Art & Design Extended Diploma

Unit 13 – Project Proposal

Candidate Name

Raeqwon Weekes

Candidate Number



Animation and games design

Project Title

The summoning

Your Statement of Intent (SOI) must provide an outline brief of your Final Major Project (FMP).

Prepare your SOI carefully, referring to the guidance in each section below. The guidance should be seen as a prompt and not be regarded as being prescriptive.

The SOI must be a minimum of 500 and must not exceed 1000 words. Each section has a guide to best structure your statement in order to meet the grading criteria. You are reminded that the bibliography and timescale should be included in the and developed with great consideration and detail.

SOIs judged to be of insufficient or excessive length or those inappropriately structured will fail the criteria for an acceptable SOI and be returned. The SOI must be word processed.

Section 1: Review (Approx 200 words)

Explain the journey you have gone through in this past academic year – perhaps through the previous year as well. What were the greatest milestones of your learning? How do you feel you have developed as an artist? Explain how you have decided on your specialism – was it a turning point in a specific project? Have you always identified as a specific type of artist? If so, how have you developed and furthered your skills to get to this point? Explain how your journey has ended up here, with this idea, for this final major project.

I have learned a lot during the last two years in animation and games design. The most important thing I would say I have learned through the first year is the use of Autodesk maya, as without it I would be pretty useless. the first time I used maya was in college, and as the weeks pasted I learned more about maya, both at home and in college. I feel I have developed as a 3d designer especially during this year, as I have practiced what I have learned during class at home, and also what I have learned at home, and applied it to my projects. I decided on my specialism last year during one of my projects, and I realised I really enjoyed creating 3d environments and I was good at it. Because I found creating environments the most enjoyable, I decided to make an environment for my final major project
Section 2: Project Concept & Proposed Artist Statement (Approx 300 words)

This is where you explain your FMP project idea and concept. Be specific about what you intend to communicate and what you hope to achieve by producing this work. How will your work engage or affect your audience and what will they discover by interacting with or viewing your work? Describe the theme/concept of your work – is it based on fact or fiction? Are you creating or reacting to a mood, an emotion, a sense of atmosphere or sensation? What is the title of your Project? What will you work towards producing? What will be your final outcome?

the project will be an architectural visualisation, and to create a 3d scene in Maya, consisting of a 3d environment and character. The concept ideas for the environment is going to consist of a bridge leading up to a castle, overlooking a beautiful structure. The castle that is going to be created is going to be based on a 13th to 16th century castle like somewhat like the Pendennis Castle that was built in 1539 (Pendennis Castle-Wikipedia) It will be based on medieval Europe like the game Skyrim (2011) . The character that is going to be modelled in maya, is going to be a human character wearing armour, and will be looking at the castle as if he is going to take it himself. The character will be based on a 14th century knight, similar to this picture on deviant art (http://nosonart.deviantart.com/art/14th-Century-Armor-350998432). The character is going to equipped with a weapon that is going to be based in medieval times, but is going to have the fantasy element much like the game fable 3 (2010) There will be a sense of a challenge to overcome , like beating a boss after failing multiple times in the game Dark souls 2 (2012). And also impending odds. The work is supposed to engage the audience through the visuals and aesthetics. The theme of the environment is going to be set in a medieval time period like the game oblivion (2007). The world is going to be set in fiction, but is going to have medieval influences like the game the witcher 2 (2012), so in a sense its a bit of both. The architecture is going to be based on gothic revival architecture starting to be built during the late 1740’s, but is going to have influences from older gothic buildings, originally built during the 12th century in France. The emotion I am trying to convey is one of anticipation. My character is going to be standing there looking at a depressing and brooding yet beautiful environment. The title is going to be The summoning
Section 3: Methods (Approx 150 words)

Refer to any techniques and processes you intend to use. Describe the range of media and materials relevant to your project and how you may use them to explore and develop your ideas. Include aspects of studio practice, workshop procedures or the use of particular equipment and software etc. In the timetable, provide an indicative timescale for your project and indicate the manner in which you intend to divide your time in order to investigate, develop, produce and evaluate your project appropriately. This should be a meaningful plan to you and should be personalised to your project.

I intend to use autodesk 3d Maya to model the environment and character. I also intend to use GIMP (GNU image manipulation program) to create my textures at home. To render out the scene I am going to be using mental ray. The main way I’m going to split the time spent on each section of the project like this: I am going to spend 28 percent of the time on the modelling and animation. Another 14 percent is going to be used on texturing as I’m going to be making my own textures. Another 16 percent is going to be used on drawing concept art. The final 42 percent is going to be used on final rendering using mental ray. I divided most of the steps almost equally because I believe that if any of these processes are done poorly, it makes the whole project look poor. However I chose 42 percent on the rendering because I need the extra time to get the look just right.
Section 4: Evaluation (Approx 150 words)

How will you critically review and analyse your work and determine if it is successful? How will you identify directions for ongoing development? Do you have a method to record the critical response to your ideas? How do you propose to assess the success of your Final Major Project and what will be your methods of evaluation?

I would review and analyse my final major project by judging it on the following criteria. Is the presentation fluid and have I successfully got my point across in the presentation, does the texturing have the right amount of detail and is it done well, is the rendering done well and does it enhance the overall project, and are the 3d models up to a high enough standard. I would also have to assess whether the scene has the correct theme and atmosphere I was trying to aim at. The way I would be recording my review is via my new online portfolio on WordPress at the url (https://raeqwonsfmp.wordpress.com/)

Proposed Research Sources and Bibliography (Harvard Format)

What are the influences, starting points and contextual references and why are they relevant to your ideas? Indicate the subject areas you intend to research and the likely sources of information including any museums, specific locations, performances, etc you plan to visit. You should explain the value of this research and then compile an accurate bibliography correctly acknowledging all references including texts, periodicals, websites and video/DVD’s etc


skyrim, (bethesda november 11 2011)


oblivion, (bethesda march 2007)


fable 3 lionhead studios (2011)


dark souls 2 (from software december 2012)


the witcher 2 cd project RED (2011)

Pendennis Castle-Wikipedia


Nosonart, (2013), 14th Century Armor [ONLINE]. Available at: http://nosonart.deviantart.com/art/14th-Century-Armor-350998432 [Accessed 27 March 15].



Session Activities –

What will you do in your practical/timetabled lessons on a daily/weekly basis?

Directed Self-Study / Personal Study Targets –

What will you do in ilearn sessions and during your own time?

Resources –

What you will need to do what you have planned – including access to workshops


w/c 13th April

Wednesday – concept art

Thursday – concept art

Friday – concept art

drawing concept art pencil


w/c 20th April

Wednesday – 3d modelling

Thursday – 3d modelling

Friday – 3d modelling

start modelling the environment autodesk 3d maya


w/c 27th April

Wednesday – 3d modelling

Thursday – 3d modelling

Friday – 3d modelling

start modelling the character autodesk 3d maya


w/c 4th May

Wednesday – texturing

Thursday – texturing

Friday – texturing

drawing the texturing GIMP (GNU image manipulation program)


w/c 11th May

Wednesday – rendering

Thursday – rendering

Friday – rendering

rendering the scene correctly Mental ray


w/c 18th May

Wednesday – rendering

Thursday – rendering

Friday – rendering

rendering the character correctly Mental ray


w/c 25th May

Wednesday – rendering

Thursday – rendering

Friday – rendering

neatening the render up for the final scene Mental ray


w/c 1st June



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