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my idea for the game project (progress)

For my game idea i am going to be making a racing game. the style of game texturing i am going to be creating is a pixel art style of texturing or block colour type of texturing. So far i have chosen 3 different cars for the game, a ferrari 458 italia and two american musle cars. the setting i havent fully decided yet. In my game idea you can bash other opponents cars and their car body begins to break apart until all they have is a chassis and an engine. Then you bash them one more time and it blows up. I have some progress pictures of the ferrari 458 italia i have made in maya so far


Because the chassis would be seen i had to create an accurate copy of the chassis from reference pictures



And the secondary chassis welded on top




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Unit 12 Game research

The first of the three games i am going to choose is Mortal Kombat. Mortal Kombat is a platform 3d fighting game fromĀ NetherRealm Studios. the reason for choosing mortal kombat is because i really like the mechanics and controls of the game. Also in the newer mortal kombat games, they show the x-ray view of the limbs breaking which i think is a good feature.

Here is a picture of Mortal Kombat X


My second choice for a game to research about is burnout. Burnout is a high speed racing game from Criterion Games. The reason for choosing this game is because i played burnout revenge as a child, and found it quite fun and addictive. The controls are tight and the graphics were great for its time.

Below is a picture of Burnout revenge


My third and choice for my research is a game called super Mario 3d world. super Mario 3d world is a platforming game from Nintendo. the reason why i chose this game is because Its very colourful and bright and everything stands out, and the game play is fluid. Even when your standing still things are still happening, and this creates a living breathing world.

super mario

I used to watch wacky racers when i was young and i liked the competitive aspect of it, like for instance using weapons against each other. So i wanted to implement that sort of atmosphere into my racing game.